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Does Diet Diet Affect ADHD

Does Diet Diet Affect ADHD?

Diet does affect ADHD. Diet with lots of sugars and artificial; flavors can trigger ADHD symptoms. Diet high in protein, zinc, iron, magnesium, and vitamin B are the best for those with ADHD because it will help the brain create chemicals that will stabilize it.

A diet high in protein is best for those who have ADHD

A diet rich in protein is suggested for those with ADHD because it will minimize the symptoms of ADHD. Chicken, lean beef, eggs, fish, nuts, beans, soy, and some dairy products that are low in fat are great foods to eat. Those foods can be processed then used by your body to make neurotransmitters that will release chemicals into your brain. Protein has the ability to prevent you from being hyperactive because it will prevent a surge in blood sugar.

When the protein creates neurotransmitters your brain will wake up so it is smart to start your day with a breakfast high in protein especially if you have ADHD. The neurons in your brain also need protein so it can function well. Neurons are cells in the brain that relay nerve impulses that communicate to your body and tells it what to do. The partial makeup of neurons is protein so when you eat protein you will be providing your brain with what it needs to fix any damaged neurons so that they can work properly.

Zinc, Iron, and Magnesium

Zinc, iron, and magnesium can be found in chicken, lean meats, seafood, soy, nuts, and some cereals. Choosing these foods are the best way to increase zinc, iron, and magnesium levels. Zinc helps control the neurotransmitter dopamine. It also helps make methylphenidate more useful by correcting the brain’s response to dopamine. If you are low in zinc, often times you may become less attentive.

Iron is needed in making dopamine. There have been studies that show ferritin levels are low in children with ADHD. Ferritin is a measure of iron stores. Low levels of iron are related to cognitive deficits and ADHD. Magnesium can be used to create neurotransmitters in your brain that help you with concentrating and paying attention. Magnesium is known to have a calming effect on people.

Vitamin B

A diet rich in vitamin B will improve your IQ score and it also reduces anti-social behaviors as well as aggressiveness. Your brain’s dopamine level will increase by adding a diet rich in vitamin B 6. Foods that are high in vitamin B 6 are turkey breast, grass-fed beef, pistachios, tuna, pinto beans, avocado, chicken breast, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds.

Studies have shown that if you have ADHD, you must change your diet so you can minimize the symptoms created by ADHD. Make sure to eat a diet rich in protein, zinc, iron, magnesium, and vitamin B. Make sure to minimize sugar intake that can cause hyperactivity.